I literally haven’t been on tumblr in literally forever. 

i am back.

Got broken up with over text.
Left last night, came home today, I was locked out,
and she had another girl in our bed.
I want to die.
Someone kill me.
Please I’m begging you.

My girl and I have been through a lot. But she’s drifted away. I know she has, she’s never here, she picks fights with me. All I want to do is make her happy. I want to make her my princess.

Promise we won't say goodbye: I think I have a thing for people who like to slowly kill themselves


Truth is I have a chronic illness. I don’t think that really hit me until my teacher said it plain and simple followed by a casual “Everyone dies, just some sooner than others”. And not just me, we all have it, everyone is chronic…Even if you’ve got it big, you’ll die the same as…